Investment Property Loans for Wealth Creation


Property is one of the greatest ways of creating wealth!

From start to finish Peter made refinancing our home a breeze and has saved us a lot of money! He made something that always felt so overwhelming easy and was super helpful with all our questions along the way!


The combination of capital growth, investment income, taxation benefits and, most importantly, a lower risk profile than other investment classes, means that lenders are more likely to fund a property investment for you.

The trick is in structuring the deal right and presenting it to lenders in a way that works with their assessment system. Understanding this is the difference between getting your loan approved or having it rejected!

What we love doing is helping people to prepare their loan application in a way that is more likely to be accepted by their lender.

Then we make sure that you don’t fall for some of the tricks that lenders use to lock you in to their products – like cross collateralisation – which can severely impact your ability to borrow more and grow your portfolio.

We explain all that when we go through our fact-finding process so you understand why we recommend the loans that we do.

what we lend for

While the emphasis at Savage Money is on growing wealth through property investment, we know that people also need loans for other purposes too.

Vehicle Loans
Personal Loans
Home Renovations
Residential Finance
Commercial Finance
Vehicle Loans

We can help you get behind the wheel of a new car.

Doesn’t matter if it’s for business or pleasure, we deal with a range of lenders who will give you much better deals than what you’ll get through dealer finance.

We’ll explain how dealer finance sounds so good and is so easy to get – and how it’s a terrible way to purchase your next car.

Speak to us for an unbiased explanation of the pitfalls of dealer finance.

Personal Loans

We understand that people look for personal loans for all sorts of reasons. Come and speak to us to see what options you might have. Perhaps we can avoid higher interest rates and lower your repayments by drawing on some home equity or consolidating credit-card debt.

We’ll take the time to go through your options and find a solution for you.

Home Renovations

Is your kitchen failing to keep up with your MasterChef aspirations?

Is your swimming pool more a swamp than an oasis?

Your home is where you live so you might as well make it as comfortable as you can. By drawing on the equity in your home, you can add value and get better use of the space you live in by renovating.

If you’ve already taken out a loan through Savage Money, you may already have access to additional funds through a redraw or offset facility. If you don’t have either of these in place, we can look at other options for you.

Give us a call to start the process.

Residential Finance

If you want a home, then you need a loan – it’s as simple as that.

Your options are simple too. Either:

  • Spend hours of time chasing down and analysing loan options yourself
  • Go with what the banks offer you and hope it’s a good deal (Tip: it’s probably not!)
  • See us and have us sort through all the options and present you with the most suitable loans for you.

Just know that there is no obligation or commitment until you’re ready to proceed so it’s easy to come and have a chat with us knowing you’re not locked in.

Commercial Finance

Proper business finance can mean the difference between a business drowning in debt and one with a healthy cashflow position.

Talk to us about how you can structure your business finance to keep you out of an onerous debt position and keep your cash flowing!

We have all sorts of loans including:

  • Plant and Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Software
  • Commercial construction
  • Business fitout
  • Cash-flow finance
  • Renovations

Give us a call to find out if your business need can be financed.