residential finance

We help people get Residential Finance so that they can buy the home of their dreams!

Have you been looking around and have found your ideal home?

Perhaps you’re getting ready to scale up or downsize.

There’s nothing like taking hold of the keys from the agent and unlocking the door to your new home. You can start to wonder about the memories that you’ll create there with friends and family.

Have you started to think about the first thing you’ll change?

Perhaps you’d like a different colour on the walls. Maybe you’d like to see some different lighting in some of the rooms. Maybe you’re a gardener and you’re dying to get stuck in outside.

These are some of the things that our clients get excited about once we secure them a loan. That’s because the loan is really the key to property ownership and that’s where we come in….

How we help get you a loan

There are two ways to get a loan.

Firstly, there’s the easy way.

Turn up to your bank and say, “I’d like a loan”. They love it when you do that.

They make it so easy for you:

  • No providing them with payslips – they already can see that from your banking transaction history
  • No proof of identity – they’ve done that already when you set up your account

Who wouldn’t want that simple process?

The reason you wouldn’t want to go down that path is because of the things they don’t give you:

  • No special interest rates that they give out to win new customers – so you pay them more interest!
  • No access to better deals from other lenders because they don’t have access to anything other than their own loans!

If you want lenders to sharpen their pencils and unlock deals that aren’t even advertised, you need to hunt around and spend time to find them.

How much time?

Well, there are over 100 lenders in Australia, each with multiple loans so you’re conservatively looking at having to analyse thousands of loans to find the one that’s right for you.

Or you can use Savage Money to cut through all the data and do the research for you. With our industry-leading software, we can analyse thousands of loans and make sure that you only review a handful of loans, each one with their pros and cons spelled out clearly, and without any fine print to trip you up.

What’s even better is that you don’t get any hits on your credit file by doing this so your credit score stays intact.

If you’re ready to apply for a loan and want someone who’ll look after your best interests and make it easy as well, make a time to have a chat so we can get you on the right path from the beginning.

It’s the way we like to operate!