New Home Loan, Refinance or Investment, we’ve got you covered!


I’m Peter. Founder of Savage Money, your partner in wealth creation.

Don’t miss out on the gains that you could have by delaying starting your investment journey.

Sure, securing your funding is important, but so is structuring your investment so that you’re able to repeat the process with your second, and then third, property.

If you want a mortgage broker who can help you evaluate your investment as well as get you a loan, then Savage Money is the perfect partner for you.

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Why use a mortgage broker?

Did you know that 70% of loans are now written by mortgage brokers?

The majority of loans are structured and put together by brokers for a number of reasons:

My experience with Savage Money was one of high quality, true professionalism and a fast efficient process. Peter was able to negotiate a much lower rate and refinance my loan to save me a lot of money and put cash back in my pockets! Peters knowledge and enthusiasm is next to none and would highly recommend his expertise.


Reason 1

Brokers spend their days learning about lender policies and loan types, so they know the best way to get your loan approved.

Reason 2

They don’t cost the borrowers anything (commissions are paid by the lenders) so you can access their expert advice without paying for it.

Reason 3

Their software systems mean you don’t have to manually search for loans. They enter your details and present you with a shortlist of suitable loans

Reason 4

Most borrowers only apply for a home loan on average every 15 years. Anything you learned last time around is probably not valid any more anyway.

Which mortgage broker should you use?

It really gets down to how well you get on with your broker and how well they relate to your circumstances. We love to work with people who are looking to invest in property because WE invest in property.

Fund your next property using mortgage brokers who have accumulated their own portfolio of properties. Following a simple-to-learn process, discover how to choose and then fund multiple properties to accelerate your wealth creation strategy.

At Savage Money, we work with our clients to help them find, evaluate and purchase properties that form the backbone of a long-term wealth-creation plan.

Sure, there are other mortgage brokers out there who can fund your deal, but the big question is: “is this a deal that you should be doing”? The Savage Money brokers aren’t just about the finance. They take the time to look at the investment that you’re looking to make to see if this is a deal that you should be doing.


What sort of deals do we fund?

We understand that many people are looking to grow their wealth through property however, some property deals will help you free up and leverage your capital and other deals will lock you in and limit your growth potential.

We can find a loan for just about anyone, but our favourite clients are those who:


  • Understand the importance of a budget and have progressed financially because they have one and stick to it!


  • Have equity in their home and want to leverage that to start and grow their investment portfolio


  • Are willing learners and are prepared to listen and discuss a long-term investment strategy

Long Term Relationship

  • Don’t just want a broker to finance this next deal, they want someone they can work with long term